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LIVE ENTERTAINMENT for a changed world

While we keep each other safe by socially distancing, we still long for connection and community.

Choose a 45 minute performance from our menu of shows.

Enjoy live music, comedy, and more, all from the comfort and safety of your own front porch or balcony.

Relax knowing that we adhere to current safety and social distancing guidelines, as well as local by-laws.

Available to residents of Stratford, and surrounding areas. (Kitchener*, London*, etc…) *For bookings outside of Stratford, additional fees apply.*



$300 + hst 

The Railbirds – Bruce Horak & Onalea Gilbertson

The Rail Birds bring you old-time Country grace and silky torch-songs, wrung from the Canadiana Songbook, filtered through campfire light and trainyard bliss. They’ve seen every province and territory and have a tale to tell and a song to sing. Charming and full of joy, the tight harmonies of The Rail Birds will put a smile on your face and skip in your step.


$300 + hst

Improv comedy by local Canadian Comedy Award winners.

Our comedy duo brings on-the-fly levity to your life, all based on your ideas and suggestions.

ROADSIDE RASCALS (for the kids)

$150 + hst

Geared to the younger crowd (10 years & younger) – stories, sing-alongs, and more!

*July Special Price: $150

BOULEVARD BARD (coming Fall 2020)

Your favourite Shakespearian plays in just over an hour!

Fast and furious, lively and light. The rich, textured language of the bard, with a bit of misbehaviour to keep things moving.

How It Works


1. Click here to choose your show and your date

2. We’ll be in touch to make plans

3. Have a look through our requirements and safety info

4. Get ready for a night to remember at home!


✭✭✭✭✩ ~


in the parkade

@ The Bruce Hotel Aug.25-30, 8pm

4 actors ~ 75 minutes 


We will need the equivalent of two parking spaces in front of your house, or in your driveway. We arrive in one vehicle, and set up simple amplification equipment so you can hear us clearly, without breaking any noise by-laws. Under no circumstances will we block traffic.


We begin each performance with a ‘Safety Talk’ to remind everyone of distancing guidelines.

Your household and neighbours will be asked to remain a minimum of 12 ft from our set up at all times. Parents can help keep little ones at a safe distance by placing a hoola hoop (one child per hoola hoop), blanket, or some other boundary defining set up, on your lawn.

Artists will wear PPE in accordance with current guidelines.

We fall under Ontario Stage One Openings: “Indoor & Outdoor Services

Artists who belong to the same ‘bubble’ may perform together at a closer distance.


Splurge, or split the cost with a few neighbours.

The lion’s share of our fee* goes directly to local professional artists.

Additional cost for bookings outside of Stratford.

*A small percentage covers administration, travel, and equipment.


If you would like to show your further appreciation, you are welcome to leave an online ‘tip’ that will be forwarded directly to the appropriate Artist.

About us

Our core ensemble are the creators of
An Undiscovered Shakespeare, which was set to have its World Premier at the Stratford Festival this season. We have each of us chosen to make Stratford our home.

We believe in looking back to move forward.

This means reviving the medieval company of roving players who would make their living touring from town to town, playing in the courtyard’s of the aristocracy, town squares, and occasionally at Court.

We look forward to doing a command performance for you.

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